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As soon as you know you need to ship your vehicle, you need to contact several auto shipping companies to request quotes and make sure they will be able to transport your car when you need it. Many shipping companies get extremely busy around the holiday seasons and around summertime, so dont wait until the last minute to start shopping. You can find free auto shipping quotes online to save time - they are completely free.

If you dont have the time to evaluate and study the service providers in your list then you may hire a broker to find a car shipper immediately. The expertise a broker can actually offer will ensure you to get and find the best shipping cars company to trust right away. This may seem costly but if time is something more valuable to you, spending more in hiring a broker will not be a big deal.

If youre looking at shipping a car across country for any reason, stop what you are doing right now and please pay attention to what I have to tell you. Dont make the same mistake that I did and buy into the cheapest auto shipping quotes around. Its a scam! Car shipping services that offer low, low auto shipping quotes can only do so because they cut corners and use hidden fees to catch you in the end.

Its more sensible to weed out the bogus companies initially to have a smoother experience. Once you have decided on the company, always insist on a written contract and ask for any money back provision in case you have to back down at the last moment.

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Make sure that the payment terms are clearly laid out in the shipping contract. Again, any business which is not underhanded in their dealings will have financial terms laid out in their contract which are clear and easy to understand. When you look over the contract, do not be afraid to ask questions about anything you do not understand. Its, after it is explained to you, you feel that your new understanding is not adequately reflected in the written contract, ask for an addendum.

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When your car finally reaches its destination, make sure to do another thorough inspection to see if any damages were incurred during its travels. Make sure to note anything you find with the driver before signing anything.

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Your vehicle should be insured against damage and theft by your car transport or auto company. Ask for a copy of the car movers insurance coverage. Find out how the car movers insurance works with your own insurance in the event of damage during car transport. Additionally, find out if there is any kind of damage deductible and the amount. Everything pertaining to the car move should be in writing. Your own car insurance policy may cover your vehicle in transit make sure to contact your insurance company to find out. It is advisable that you do not leave any personal items in your car when it is shipped items left in the car may not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

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Understand the mode of payment of each company. A company may offer you different choice of payment. You should see if the company you choose asks for a full or partial upfront payment. Most of the times an auto transport company would ask for a certain deposit and the balance can be paid after the delivery of the care, but it may not be the case with every company.

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One thing you need to do is to check the reputation of the company. Search its website, reviews and blogs written by customers to establish the pros and cons of using the company. Is the company registered with the relevant domestic department of transportation? Look for feedback; perhaps you know someone who has used the company before? If so, ask them for their opinion on their move and if there were any hiccups along the way. You have to know that your car is safe when its on its way to Australia, USA, UK or wherever it is that youre moving.

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