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Most quality auto transport service will offer you a tracking number so you can check online at any time and see exactly where your car is on its journey. If you leave it to a lesser established provider then you can have problems as cars have gone missing only located weeks later. Use a reliable service that provides online tracking - better safe than sorry! Vehicle protection from the weather - In case you have a valuable or classic car then you definitely may wish to guard it from the elements. If the car will probably be shipped an appreciable distance that is the best option to choose. It is dearer but not as expensive as a fresh paint job or damage repair from flying gravel or other detritus.

Your car will no doubt be loaded and unloaded several times before it reaches its destination, so be sure that it is in functional working order. The battery should be juiced up, and tires should be inflated to appropriate levels and be able to hold air properly. You may wish to have the car inspected by a mechanic to make sure there are no leaks you are not aware of.

When looking for hauling companies it does not hurt to ask if they offer discounts for their services. Certain days of the week that may not be that busy may have lower rates then prime time days. There may also be discounts for people that are members of AAA, active military participants, and seniors. Even if the company does not offer any type of discounts it does not hurt to ask.

Always attempt to negotiate a lower price by cutting out parts of their regular service that are not necessary for you. For instance, if the normal level of service is that your car is picked up at your home and delivered to your new address, see if you can negotiate a lower cost if you are willing to deliver your car to the shipping terminal and then pick it up at the shipping terminal on the other end.

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The next thing that you would need to know about you would be the specifications that you would like to apply to the respective charges. If you are going to use an enclosed kind of transport then you must be ready to make the necessary payments to avail of such service. This factor should not be overlooked at all because this will play an important role in the process of transporting your vehicles.

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You have the advantage of having financial back-up in case of damage to the vehicle granting that the company has included the shipping insurance in the fees.

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Most people dont realize that they can check with this department but this is the part of the government that keeps track of transport companies. You want to make sure that a particular company is bonded and licensed before you allow them to take possession of your vehicle.

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When looking for a hauling company be sure to ask for references. It is important to choose a reliable company to work with. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to find information out about a company. A person should not be afraid to ask the business if they can contact previous customers for references. They can give a person reliable information about how to hauling company operates. If the business does not have any references and no information can be found about them it is wise to go with another hauling service.

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In shipping a car, choosing a particular method is highly cost related. A container shipment method is the most highly expensive as it is obviously encloses the car and ensures its safety especially if your car is a luxurious one like vintage car while the other method has the most tendency to suffer from minor damages. Even if you work with the experts, accidents and unnecessary instances are always possible in an unpredicted time.

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Before deciding on a company a person should always check their references. They can find reviews from other customers online and the Better Business Bureau is a great recourses to see if a company is reliable. A person needs to know if the cars were damaged upon delivery and if they were delivered within the time frame that was in the contract. These are among things to look for when choosing an auto shipping company.

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